Teenage drug overdose published by ABC, Monday February 4th

This article is about a seventeen-year-old girl who died from an ecstasy overdose, she had one ecstasy tablet before she went to the big day out at Claremont show grounds, she swallowed the rest of her tablets when the police came close with a sniffer day scared that she would get caught with drugs. This article is a warning to all teenagers and parents because this can happen to them or their kids, ecstasy can affect the body’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature causing the body to overheat which leads to coma’s or death.

This article is written so that everyone is aware of the consequences of taking drugs, teenagers are viewed as thrill seekers and are willing to try new things, so they are adventurous. Parents and teenagers should take away from this article an understanding that anyone could end up trying drugs and they should be aware of the effects of drugs as this article enforces these messages it is trying to get out.

This is a great article it enforces messages about drugs and ABC is right and they are getting the message out and this may save many lives and families and the view on teenagers and the way they are represented is correct because a big number are adventurous and want to try these new things.

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The unbearable Meh-ness of being written by Danny Katz, 2010

Danny Katz wrote this story about “meh” the teenagers response to everything, this text informs parents about teenagers and “meh” because when parents want to talk to their kids they can’t get much out of “meh” and don’t understand how this one word can be the answer to everything, parents would read this so they can understand their kids and communicate with them easier.

The text is written as a parents point of view when they say “meh”, it appeals to parents of teenagers because they constantly deal with “meh”. Teenagers are in this report “meh” themselves, lazy, just plain boring and careless. To teenagers everything is “meh” even t.v. e.g. The chaser is meh: it’s just a smug smart-arse schoolboy shenanigans, done with a professional camera crew, an expensive legal team and more smirks than Peter Costello on meet the press. People like this article because it is very modern and up to date with teenagers in this age and time.

Meh. just kidding.        Danny Katz is spot on, being a teenager myself I just feel like saying nothing when asked a question because of a lack of motivation but myself don’t say “meh” i just say i don’t know ,can’t be bothered or dunno’. It is a great answer to use but not for people on the receiving end of “meh” they are just left mind boggled.

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The best boots in the world, written by Brian Caswell,

This text is written to show how teenagers will go to extraordinary lengths just for materialistic objects e.g. sneakers. It was written for teenagers because they have a high drive and desire for the latest and coolest things and the latest things makes them stand out, get noticed and be popular because other wise they are nobody’s in a big world who go un-noticed.

The text is written in an informative way to describe to the audience how todays teenagers are e.g. when the jogger thief steals his shoes because he desires to have the latest things, they fight over the shoes and the thief dies, they go to lengths like stealing and fighting to get things to be cool and fit in. The stereotype is violent and materialistic in this story. The audience would agree because this story positively reinforces the stereotype, it is well written be back up the stereotype portrayed.

I totally agree with Brian Caswell and the stereotype his story represents on teenagers is very much accurate, everyone wants the latest things, and stealing and fighting to get these objects is happening on a daily basis around the world, so the author is right

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The last spin, is a short story written by Evan Hunter,  the last spin is a story that supposedly represents teenagers today. It was written to inform people like teenagers and parents about teenagers and the dangers surrounding them these days and what they could eventually be faced with problems similar to themselves or their children. 

The story is written so that it shows a clear perspective on the troubles in our society, even though this story was written in the 90’s the same problems skill occur but not on such a violent scale, the story is made so that the reader is in suspense and they feel the tension between the two characters which makes the reader want to keep reading and reading until the something dramatic happens. The ‘gangsta’ stereotype is portrayed upon teenagers in this story because everyone has their own groups that they tent to stick with and conflicts is often cause with other groups because of their differences (like gangs do). The boys in the story use phrases like ‘You see a nice deb (female) walking down the street’ and ‘Without any street boppin’ ‘. Readers react to this story as being a good representation of teenagers minus the violence that part is blown out of proportion. The last spin is a suspense thriller style of story which keeps readers on edge and anticipating the next move.

The way the author represents teenagers in this story is wrong we aren’t all gangsta’s but we all have groups we hang around with, some groups have conflict but generally they all get along and there is minimal violence, the author is not in a position to judge teenagers because he is not a teenager and his information would not be enough and he wouldn’t have a great enough understanding to judge teenagers.

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